Thurman Thomas, 1993 Skybox Team MVP (Football Friday No. 55)

Name: Thurman Thomas
Team: Buffalo (obviously) Bills
Position: Running back
Value of card: 1 bill, no dollars
Key 1992 stat: 14 tons of bison dung shoveled
Fun facts about Thurman Thomas and American buffaloes:
  • American buffaloes are attracted to American buffaloes. Thurman Thomas is attracted to water buffaloes.
  • American buffaloes were hunted by Native Americans. Thurman Thomas was hunted by linebackers and inebriated cougars.
  • American buffaloes almost became extinct. Thurman Thomas played on a team whose Super Bowl hopes are extinct.
  • American buffaloes are wide animals. Thurman Thomas witnessed Wide Right.
  • American buffaloes travel in herds. Thurman Thomas travels with husky men and leg models.
  • American buffaloes were depicted on a famous nickel. Thurman Thomas' football cards are worth less than a nickel.


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