Scott Bryant, 1990 Score

Name: Scott Bryant
Team: Cincinnati Reds
Position: Outfield
Value of card: 8 pounds of unreached potential
Key career stat: Two definitions of bust
Cincinnati Reds' scouting report on top draft pick Scott Bryant: "Led his college team in home runs, RBI and squinting. ... Won the Dick Howser Trophy, whatever the heck that is. ... Smells like pretzels. ... He can hit the cover off the ball, but is more likely to wear it off through wind erosion from all his swings and misses. ... Ate paint chips as a child. ... His mother tells us he's a good boy. ... His college coach tells us to read "Of Mice And Men" for tips on how to teach him. ... He doesn't talk much. In fact, he doesn't move much, either. He may be dead."

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