Kevin Brown, Ben Davis, Bobby Estalella, 1997 Topps

Names: Kevin Brown, Ben Davis, Bobby Estalella
Teams: Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies
Positions: Catcher x 3
Value of card: Jack squat
Key 1996 stat: Nothing key about these guys
Three burgeoning backstops, one Matchup:

Round 1: Most appropriate use of catcher's mask (Winner: Tie — nobody)
Round 2: Prettiness (Winner: Davis)
Round 3: Squatting (Winner: Estalella)
Round 4: Sharing a name with an actual, modern-day major leaguer (Winner: Brown)
Round 5: Bulge (Winner: Brown)
Round 6: Ability to pose in front of chain-link fence (Winner: Tie — Davis and Estalella)
Round 7: Being destined for a good baseball career (Winner: Tie — nobody)

Final score: Brown 2, Davis 1, Estalella 1 (3 ties)

Summary: Kevin Brown claims a victory despite only going 2 for 10. Then again, that's pretty good for these three bums.


  1. I disagree. Estalella is clearly winning the battle of the bulge as he has to cover it up with both his hand and his glove