John Pacella, 1981 Topps

Name: John Pacella
Team: Pitcher Mets, apparently
Positions: Pitcher, hat thrower
Value of card: Cost of a quarter-gallon of gas in 1981
Key 1980 stat: Two hats, one cup
Hats off to a Mets pitcher: John Pacella was a wild man who did things his way. When ownership told him to cut his hair, he grew it longer, curlier and never washed it. When friends told him his Tom Selleck-esque mustache was out of style, he stopped trimming it and gave it a name, "Mr. Macho." When his wife told him to stop living the hard life and concentrate on his family and career, he ordered a whisky, a whisky and a whisky, snorted Tabasco sauce and spit on a cop. And when umpires told him during games to stop throwing his cap toward the plate and start pitching with a baseball, he balked, both figuratively and according to baseball rules. The Mets lost, but Pacella won, earning recognition from Topps, which put a huge, cartoonish baseball cap on his 1981 card.


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