Chris Colon, 1993 Donruss

Name: Cris Colon
Team: Texas Rangers
Position: Shortstop
Value of card: Three dingleberries
Key 1992 stat: One unfortunate last name
10 insults yelled at Cris Colon by opposing teams' fans in 1993:
10) Those glasses make you look like an ass, Colon!
9) This guy? He's no Colon. He's a semi-Colon!
8) Colon, you're producing what one would expect!
7) Doctor, doctor! The Rangers are worried about their Colon!
6) This team needs a cleanse at shortstop!
5) Somebody call a proctologist: There's a Colon clogging up the batting order!
4) But ... but ... but why, Colon?
3) Colon: clubhouse cancer!
2) Rectum? Nearly Colon'd him!
1) Colon, you stink!


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