Bobby Cox, 1992 Topps

Name: Bobby Cox
Team: Atlanta Braves
Positions: Manager, slouching
Value of card: One ejection
Key 1991 stat: 391,143 sneers
All good things: As the 2010 baseball season comes to a close, the game is losing one of its elder statesmen. Bobby Cox, who has managed the Braves since 1990 and has the fourth most wins in baseball history, is retiring. Of course, what Cox is really known for is getting ejected from games — he's done it more times than any other manager. He's been tossed more times than salad. He's been thrown out more times than garbage. He's gotten the hook more times than a fish. He's hit the showers more often than a plumber. He's gone home early more times than Dodger fans. So here's to you, Bobby Cox. We'll say it one last time: Yer outta here!

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