Wally Joyner, 1993 Milk Bone Super Stars

Names: Wally, Chloe and Shadow, in no particular order
Team: The Milk Bone Dog Show
Position: Sitting on hay. Wait, what?
Value of card: Pile of throw-up after 20 minutes of grass eating (Joyner)
10 titles for this card:
10) "Two Canines and a Flea Bag"
9) "Wally Joyner - Unleashed"
8) "The Sweater of My Discontent"
7) "Wally's Own Westminster Kennel Club"
6) "Put 'Em Down, All Three of Them"
5) "Slacks, White Socks and Lots of Hair"
4) "Bow - Wow"
3) "Wally Loves Dem Bitches"
2) "Sweater Puppies"
1) "The Ticks of Wrath"


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