Ricky Watters, 1993 Pro Line Portraits (NFL Kickoff Week No. 2)

Name: Ricky Watters
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Positions: Running back, architect
Value of card: One broken T-square
Key 1992 stat: 22 erections (of buildings)
Drawing up a career: At age 17, Ricky Watters was the most highly recruited architecture prospect in the nation, and colleges were clamoring for his services. He kept drawing up plans and erecting structures, ignoring the advances of professors and university presidents. Then University of Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz came calling, with a look of love in his eyes. He promised Watters a chance to learn architecture, play football and design a new Notre Dame landmark, to go along with Touchdown Jesus and the Golden Dome. Watters didn't want to play football, but he admired the iconic structures on the Notre Dame campus, and agreed to Holtz's plan. He grabbed his T-square and blueprints and headed to South Bend. Sadly, his architecture career never took off like his football career, with Watters' only major structural accomplishments after joining the 49ers being his perfectly sculpted flat top and jacket-and-bare midriff fashion statement.


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