Moose Stubing, 1989 Topps

Name: Lawrence "Moose" Stubing
Team: California Angels
Position: Manager
Value of card: One lost tooth
Key 1988 stat: Zero wins
The amazing true story of Moose Stubing: At the age of 32, Gulf Coast roughneck Moose Stubing was diagnosed with a rare face cancer that made him appear to be twice his age, faded all color from his eyes and separated his massive teeth. Forced to leave his oil drilling job, Stubing became a substitute high school shop teacher in Anaheim, Calif. Here, he taught a grandson of doddering California Angels owner Gene Autry, who, when told about the teacher, mistakenly assumed he was Capt. Merrill Stubing from "The Love Boat." A fan of the comic TV series, Autry immediately fired Angels manager Cookie Rojas and placed Stubing at the helm. Stubing — who was baffled when Autry demanded to meet someone named Charo — didn't know baseball but immediately began teaching the players how to carve their own bats. And while the team didn't win a game the rest of the season, its stars came away with a sense of self-sufficiency and pride — and several thousand splinters.
The real amazing true story of Moose Stubing: OK, so Stubing was never a roughneck and didn't have cancer. But he did make five pinch-hit appearances for the Angels in 1967, going 0-for-5, and manage the last eight games of their 1988 season, going 0-and-8. That makes him to only person to play and manage at the big league level without recording a hit or a win. Huzzah!

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