Mike Greenwell, 1989 Donruss MVP

Name: Mike Greenwell
Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Two sweat-soaked wristbands, half-off bin at Champs
Key 1988 stat: 131 hours with his chin on a shaft
Conversation between Donruss photographer and Mike Greenwell, March 20, 1989:
Donruss photographer: Hey, Mike. Good to meet you. I have a great idea for this M.V.P. card. OK, grab a bat. We're going to bring the baseball card game out of the closet and into the mainstream with this shot.
Greenwell: Um, OK. Should I put the bat against my shoulder?
DP: No. I'm looking for something more natural.
Greenwell: How about across my knees?
DP: That's not what I was picturing. Think about your personal life. C'mon, we've all heard the rumors.
Greenwell: Huh? Anyway ... you want me to pose like I'm in the batter's box?
DP: C'mon, man, everyone knows you've never been in a box.
Greenwell: What's that supposed to mean?
DP: Nothing, nothing. Try sitting on this bench. Get comfortable. Pretend you just got back from hours of shoe shopping, the quiche is in the oven and "Oprah" is on. OK ... go ...
Greenwell: I don't like quiche or "Oprah." Look, can we just take the shot?
DP: Yeah, you like taking the shot, don't ya, big guy?
Greenwell: What? Listen: You have 30 seconds to get the photo before I walk out of here.
DP: OK, OK. Calm down. I was just kidding. Now, grab the bat. Stand it up straight, erect. Yeah, like that. Perfect.
Greenwell: Take the picture.
DP: Sure. Just lower your chin a bit. Lower ... lower ... lower. Great. Now, open your mouth. Wider ... wider ...
Greenwell: I'm out of here.
(Greenwell storms out of the studio amid camera flashes.)
DP: (to himself) Why can't they all be like my darling Julio?


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