Kimble Anders, 1994 Upper Deck Electric (Football Friday No. 54)

Name: Kimble Anders
Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Position: Running back
Value of card: One power outage
Key 1993 stat: 62,701 bad clothing decisions
Ten things that would have been better for Kimble Anders to wear than a doo-rag with purple smiley faces on it:

10) A dress
9) Chain mail
8) A large elbow pad. Oh, wait.
7) SpongeBob boxers
6) That tie his mom wanted him to wear
5) A better stat line
4) His helmet. Duh.
3) A T-shirt reading "Holy crap, Joe Montana is my quarterback!"
2) Bling
1) A doo-rag with any other color of smiley faces on it

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