Jennifer Montana, 1991 Pro Line Spirit (NFL Kickoff Week No. 3)

Name: Jennifer Montana
Team: Um, Team Montana?
Positions: Wife, pressed against wall
Value of card: One prenuptial agreement
Key 1990 stat: 31 pairs of Mom jeans purchased
Sexy times at the Montana homestead: Before the advent of the Internet, sex tapes and naughty photos were relegated to the likes of adult magazines and the occasional pay-per-view special. But when the cardmakers at Pro Line got their hands on some scandalous images of Jennifer Montana, they decided to branch out beyond tacky football cards. Here we see one of these photos: Mrs. Montana is pressing herself against a wall, hips cocked. Her round, full buttocks almost make her Mom jeans look tight; her jacket dangles enough fringe to clothe a small African nation. It's doubtful she's wearing much underneath that leather, elastic-cuffed coat, but she makes it clear she won't take off her $18,000 wedding ring — at least, not yet. How lucky Joe must be to run his fingers through that blond hair and those brown roots. Sexpot, thy name is Jennifer.



  1. I had no idea that Jennifer Montana was the real reason for the creation of the "tuck rule".

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