Frank Thomas, 1992 MTV Rock 'n' Jock

Name: Frank Thomas
Team: Jocks
Position: First baseman
Value of card: One unrolled cassette tape
Key 1991 stat: Zero Top 40 hits
Less jock, more rock: In 1991, Frank Thomas agreed to take part in the MTV series "Rock n' Jock." In case that sentence wasn't ridiculous enough for you, here are some of the stranger demands Thomas made before deciding to appear:
  • No shirts could be tucked in. By anyone.
  • Thomas got to spend an afternoon with Bell, Biv and Devoe, but at separate times.
  • A hot dog cart had to be on the field at all times.
  • Thomas got to wear a pair of Marky Mark's used gym shorts during the game.
  • Flat tops for everyone.
  • Thomas got to unveil his new, foppish throwing style.
  • Lisa Kennedy had to agree to tuck a batting glove into Thomas' waistband.
  • Any sports cards made from the event had to look like an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


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