Dwight Gooden, 1987 Topps All-Star

Name: Dwight Gooden
Team: New York Mets
Position: Ace
Value of card: 2 grams
Key 1986 stat: Five rails blown, seventh-inning stretch
It's acrostic time:

Did drugs only during his waking hours.
White powder was in more than the rosin bag.
In the dugout, working on a ruthless hangover.
Gambled with his talent, and lost.
Haircut? Who needs one.
Taking a gummer when this photo was taken.

Good at baseball, bad at staying sober during baseball games.
Old age started early, about age 21 (above).
Officers were familiar with the Doctor.
Dr. K - for Kokaine
Even Darryl Strawberry couldn't keep up with Gooden after midnight.
Never met a bottle he didn't drink.


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