Chester McGlockton, 1994 Coke Monsters of the Gridiron (Football Friday No. 51)

Name: Chester McGlockton, aka Renegade Raider
Teams: Los Angeles Raiders, The Black Hole
Position: Defensive tackle, superfan
Value of card: One foil ball, unbunched and used for a football card border
Key 1993 stat: 7 pounds of costume glitter
The Raiders find a leader: Whether in Oakland or Los Angeles, the Raiders have been known for their air-it-out offense, overbearing owner, hard-nosed history, and rabid fan base. The essence of the fan base has for decades been The Black Hole, a collection of crazy, costumed fans wearing Darth Vader masks, spiked shoulder pads and gallon upon gallon of silver and black face paint. Year after year, the Raiders intimidated on the field and The Black Hole intimidated in the stands. But the two never became one, until coach Art Shell looked into the crowd and saw a huge man wearing a comforter covered in glitter and a plastic skull hat with pigtails attached to the sides. Shell signed McGlockton not as a publicity stunt, but as a starting defensive tackle. McGlockton stepped up and played well, proving that someone who can intimidate in the stands can intimidate on the field - as long as they're wearing Pippi Longstocking's corpse's skull.


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