Tom Brookens, 1989 Donruss

Name: Tom Brookens
Team: Detroit Tigers
Position: Third base
Value of card: One saddle sore
Key 1988 stat: 16 ounces of 'stache
Fun facts about Tom Brookens and Tom Brookens' mustache:
  • Tom Brookens struck out 74 times in 1988. His mustache never struck out.
  • Tom Brookens once committed four errors in a game. His mustache always erred on the side of awesome.
  • Tom Brookens enjoys Western movies. His mustache could star in one.
  • Tom Brookens has a car that can seat up to five people. His mustache can also seat up to five people.
  • Tom Brookens likes steak and potatoes. His mustache has enough food in it to feed an impoverished African community.
  • Tom Brookens is now 56 years old. His mustache is timeless.


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