Nolan Ryan, 1990 Upper Deck Ryan Express insert

Names: Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan and Nolan Ryan
Teams: California Angels, from left, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, New York Mets
Position: Ace
Value of card: 5 Nolans x 0 demand = 0 cents
Key 1989 stat: Five players, a collective 276 years old
It's acrostic time:

Never met a bottle of hooch he didn't like.
Outside, he was a cowboy. Inside, he was a little boy.
Like many old men, he would rather spend time with his pets than his family.
Angels, Mets, Astros, Rangers, and, apparently, the Houston Texans.
No-hitters. The only time he'd accept the word "no."

Ridges and ridges of wrinkles.
Y'all don't mess with Texas, ya hear?
Another gaudy Upper Deck illustration of Nolan Ryan.
Never ... (hiccup) ... met aaaa (gulp) ... bottle of hooch ... (hiccup) ... wait, whatta ya lookin' at, partner?


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