Andre Reed, 1993 Fleer Pro-Vision (Football Friday No. 49)

Name: Andre Reed
Team: Buffalo Bills
Position: Wide receiver
Value of card: A buffalo nickel (counterfeit)
Key 1992 stat: 285 heaving piles of buffalo dung
Born to be a Buffalo Bills player: Andre Reed always had bison on his mind. That was because his brain was shaped like a buffalo. When he struggled in school at a young age, his mother took him to a doctor. X-rays showed the peculiar shape of his brain. His mother dismissed the shape until she found young Andre munching grass in the backyard. Then she saw an American Indian chasing young Andre around the neighborhood with a bow and arrow. Despite the problems, Andre's athletic skills flourished. He ran with the speed of a bison and hit things with the power of a herd. This led to success on the football field through high school, college and the pros, where the Buffalo Bills were smart enough to draft a player whose brain was built for the franchise. He excelled with Buffalo, until he lost his mind on the field.


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  1. It also looks like there are buffalo vertebrae in his neck.