Al Oliver and Steve Rogers, 1983 Topps Team Leaders

Names: Al Oliver and Steve Rogers
Team: Montreal Expos
Positions: Outfield, pitcher
Value of card: $1 Canadian (duck)
Key 1982 stat: Combined .427 on-hair percentage
Time for The Matchup north of the border:

Round 1: Most ill-fitting hat (Winner: Oliver)
Round 2: Most first names in name (Winner: Oliver - by a letter)
Round 3: Closest resemblance to stereotypical Canadian (Winner: Rogers)
Round 4: Mustache length and style (Winner: Tie)
Round 5: Most hair, in pounds (Winner: Tie - 7.5 pounds each)
Round 6: Adam's apple concealment, aka turtleneck (Winner: Oliver)
Round 7: Neither French nor Canadian (Winner: Tie)
Round 8: Big, bright, sun-shiny attitude (Winner: Rogers)
Round 9: Big, bright, sun-shiny afro (Winner: Oliver)

Score: Oliver 4, Rogers 2, Ties 3

Synopsis: Oliver sneaks away with the victory after a gallant, hairy effort by Rogers. But, in the end, the three ties prove these teammates have more in common than playing for a forgotten team in a French-speaking city.


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