Frank Thomas, 1994 Topps Stadium Club Award Winner

Name: Frank Thomas
Team: Chicago White Sox
Position: First base
Value of card: Seven fonts
Key 1993 stat: Six fingers held in front of face
Here's an award-winning post: The Big Hurt was the 1993 AL MVP. Here are 10 awards he was nominated for that year:

10) Tightest, whitest pants, sponsored by Fruit of the Loom
9) The Reebok Foundation's Sweatiest Wrists of the Year
8) The Larry Csonka Memorial Award for Best Secret Flipping of the Bird
7) Dean's List, Lasorda University
6) The Friends of Johnny Cash Man in Black of the Year
5) 24 Hour Fitness' Jazzerciser of the Month
4) The Pulitzer Prize for Most Fake Labels on a Baseball Card
3) Fisherman of the Week, Oct. 6-13, Lake Michigan Harbor Society
2) American League Most Bestest Player
1) Nobel Prize in Eye Black


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  1. I'm surprised that after lofty participants like Billy Martin and Rufino Linares, that nobody made a stir in 1994 about Frank flying the "just puttin' on some eye-black" bird.