Bob Boone, 1989 Topps All-Star

Name: Bob Boone
Team: California Angels
Position: Catcher
Value of card: Three splinters
Key 1988 stat: 2,881 heads busted
Clearing up some rumors about baseball hardass Bob Boone:
  • Bob Boone once caught both ends of a doubleheader. For both teams.
  • Bob Boone did not take batting practice. He just took batting. Practice is for wusses.
  • During spring training in 1988, Jim Abbott once did in fact shake off a pitch Boone had called. That is how Abbott lost his hand.
  • It's true. Boone did not wear a cup. His bulge was tougher than any baseball.
  • The brim of Boone's hat in the above photo is not 5 feet wide. It's just that anything Boone touches becomes larger than life.


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