Bernard Gilkey, 1993 Fleer Ultra

Name: Bernard Gilkey
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Position: Outfield
Value of card: The contents of one vacuum bag
Key 1992 stat: 10, 839 "curtain calls"
Thank you, thank you very much: Bernard Gilkey always had a flair for the dramatic — just not with the bat or glove. Gilkey loved praise, and would respond to any positive remark with a tip of the cap. If he heard a fan say "Good eye!" after he took a pitch for a ball, Gilkey would step out of the box, turn in the fan's general direction, and doff his cap. Every time he'd catch a fly ball at home, he respond to the scattered applause with a bow and a wave. And the seven home runs he hit in 1992? Remember the lap Cal Ripken Jr. took around the stadium when he became the Iron Man? Like that for each dinger, only more grandiose.


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