Moses Malone, 1988-89 Fleer (NBA Finals Week No. 1)

Name: Moses Malone
Washington BulletsAtlanta Hawks
Position: Center
Value of card: The air from a deflated basketball
Key 1987-88 stat: Two sets of eyes
Hey, four eyes: When Moses Malone signed with Atlanta, he brought with him a crisp shooting touch, a strong inside presence, a defensive mind set and what was probably his most valuable contribution, two sets of eyes. Malone had eyes just above his nose, where normal people have them. But he also had a set at his hairline, allowing him to see the court in ways others couldn't. With one set of eyes trained on his defensive assignment, Malone could scan the court for possible passing or driving lanes with the other set, allowing him to get a lot of steals and stop opponents from penetrating lanes. There was a problem, though: Malone's top eyes were nearly blind, which forced him to wear massive goggles with Styrofoam floatation devices around them. But this didn't worry the Hawks' owners. They had faith Moses would take them to the promised land.


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