Maury Wills, 1987 Topps Turn Back the Clock

Name: Maury Wills
BrooklynLos Angeles Dodgers
Position: Shortstop
Value of card: Six splinters from the wood grain within the wood grain
Key 1962 stat: Two mismatched eyes
Topps middle manager marketing pitch, circa 1986: "OK, I have this great idea. In our 1987 set, we include an insert series called 'Turn Back the Clock.' It'll be great. Kids will love getting worthless cards of players they've never heard of. Yeah, yeah, I have the perfect example. We start out with this fabulous card from 1962. It's a classic: Maury Wills, staring blankly at the camera, showing no personality whatsoever, looking like he has never worn a baseball cap before. It's perfect. And you know what's even better? The borders are wood grain, just like the '87 set. So we'll have an emotionless player and wood grain within wood grain. You see the genius here, right, sir? We show our customers we really haven't evolved in 25 years. They'll appreciate how far we haven't come. Uh-huh. Yes, I thought of it myself. What do you mean, 'Have I been drinking?' Well, I don't have any better ideas."


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  1. and we'll really fake them out cause we forgot to put Maury in the 62 set.