Ken Griffey Jr., 1989 Star

Name: Ken Griffey Jr.
Team: Seattle Mariners
Position: The Future
Value of card: One retirement
Key career stat: 1 million times asked what might have been
Goodbye, Kid: Ken Griffey Jr., seen above being interviewed by a man with a silver tabby cat on his head, announced his retirement from baseball Wednesday. Thus ends a spectacular career that could have been even better had Griffey's ligaments and bones not been made of wax paper. The 1997 AL MVP appeared in 13 All-Star games and hit 630 career home runs, fifth-most all time. He's a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, but today, even more importantly, he becomes a Baseball Card Bust MBP — Most Busted Player. Let's relive some of his memorable moments here.
  • Old-timey Kid carries a sandwich around in his pocket.
  • Griffey Jr. and Sr.: From TV superstars to prostituted has-beens.
  • Junior the magician levitates bats, balls and hearts.
  • Griffey loses his only Matchup to Tubby and The Bone.
  • The Kid and some other potential MBPs shine.
  • Put on your sunglasses and prepare for the fuchsia.


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