Junior Seau, 1994 Topps Stadium Club Members Only (Football Friday No. 41)

Name: Junior Seau
Team: San Diego Chargers
Position: Linebacker
Value of card: Ow — zilch
Key 1993 stat: One product line bankruptcy
10 items in the Say-Ow Gear product line:
10) The Say-Ow Abscess Patch
9) The "Junior" Say-Ow Baby Bib Choker
8) The Say-Ow Mustache Plucker
7) The Say-Ow Broken Leg (Seau himself comes to your home and snaps your femur like a twig)
5) The Say-Ow Respect Reducer (seen above)
4) The Say-Ow Nose Flattener
3) The Say-Ow Home Enema Kit
2) The Say-Ow Practical Visor (bill facing the correct way, thus serving its purpose to shade one's eyes from sunlight)
1) The Say-Ow Pun Generator (recalled)


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