Steve Trout, 1989 Topps

Name: Steve "Insert Fish Reference Here" Trout
Team: Seattle Mariners (so fitting)
Positions: Pitcher, Mariner, Flounder
Value of card: Three nightcrawlers
Key 1988 stat: $25 fishing license
Drop anchor, it's time for another pop quiz:

What was Steve Trout's best nickname in 1989?

(A) Steve "LGBT Rainbow" Trout
(B) Steve "The Krout" Trout
(C) Steve "Give Him the Hook" Trout
(D) Steve "Master Baiter" Trout
(E) Steve "Bangkok Bait Shop" Trout
(F) None of the above

Fun fact: Steve Trout never played alongside longtime major leaguer Tim Salmon, but scouts consider Trout oilier than Salmon.

Card submitted by Patrick Cant


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  1. Throw Kevin Bass into the mix with Trout and Salmon and you're really cooking. Fish that is.