Phil Niekro, 1987 Fleer

Name: Phil Niekro
Team: Cleveland Indians
Positions: Ace, knuckleballer
Value of card: "When I was your age, it cost a nickel."
Key 1986 stat: Two bum knees that predict the weather
10 things yelled at Phil Niekro while he was on the mound in 1986:
10) "You're twice as old as your number plus 6!"
9) "Hey, honey, do those stirrups go all the way up?"
8) "Somebody get Grandpa off the field and back in the home!"
7) "Is that dust coming from the mound or your psoriasis?"
6) "And your starting pitcher, in his 67th big-league season ..."
5) "Is it true that during your rookie year you were at war against the Indians?"
4) "Between innings, check out our brochure on a reverse mortgage!"
3) "Hey, old man, what'd you say about my wife and the knuckler?"
2) "No, you get off my lawn!"
1) "You're literally over the hill!"



  1. Awesome, hard to hold back the laughter which i have to do at work lol

  2. yeah 5 is pretty great lol....