Kirby Puckett and Bo Jackson, 1990 Fleer Human Dynamos

Names: Kirby Puckett, Bo Jackson
Teams: Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals
Positions: Outfield, outfield
Value of card: $2 (check that) 2 cents (check that) Two dust bunnies
Key 1989 stat: One legendary athlete; one Kirby Puckett
Fun Facts about Kirby Puckett and Bo Jackson:
  • Bo Jackson played baseball and football. Kirby Puckett played baseball and with himself.
  • Bo Jackson is a "human dynamo." Kirby Puckett is a human.
  • Bo Jackson had many roles in sports. Kirby Puckett had many rolls on his neck.
  • Bo Jackson was known for his records. Kirby Puckett was known for his record.
  • Bo Jackson wrote one book. Kirby Puckett was booked more than once.
  • Bo Jackson made spectacular grabs and catches. Kirby Puckett grabbed and was caught.
  • Bo Jackson played for the Raiders. Kirby Puckett was also a criminal.



  1. and kirby puckett won world series and bo don't know what thats like fucker..... quit hating on kirby puckett the man is a hall of famer and bo won't ever be that either

  2. Kirby Puckett passed away. This is in extremely bad taste.

  3. Kirby Puckett played with himself? No wonder his career was cut short by glaucoma...