Jody Davis, 1989 Topps

Name: Jody Davis
Teams: Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves
Position: Catcher
Value of card: 10 percent off your next U-Haul rental
Key 1988 stat: Zero job security
Top 10 reasons the Cubs traded Jody Davis to Atlanta:
10) They thought Jody was a girl's name.
9) He kept chewing on the Wrigley Field turf, convinced it was actually made of gum.
8) General manager Jim Frey loved naming players later.
7) He wasn't traded so much as left off the team bus at the close of a road trip to Atlanta.
6) His love for thumb wrestling put three different pitchers on the DL.
5) He just wasn't a good squatter.
4) He never put out a new roll after using the last of the toilet paper.
3) A coward, they knew he'd never make a good Brave.
2) The idiot kept forgetting to wear his catcher's gear during games.
1) The Hawk demanded it.

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