Greg Smith and Stu Tate, 1990 Fleer

Names: Greg Smith, Stu Tate
Teams: Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants
Positions: Infield, pitcher
Value of card: One copy of the May 1987 Highlights magazine
Key lifetime stat: 29 combined career games
Fun facts about Greg Smith and Stu Tate:
  • Greg Smith lays his coat over puddles for women to walk on. Stu Tate opens his raincoat around women for other reasons.
  • Greg Smith enters a house of worship every Sunday. Stu Tate enters a house of ill repute every Saturday night.
  • Greg Smith likes to take his dog for a walk in the park. Stu Tate likes to take a handle of cherry-flavored vodka to the park and pass out there.
  • Greg Smith takes good care of his body. Stu Tate has stolen at least five kidneys from other people's bodies.
  • Greg Smith takes his vitamins. Stu Tate sells pills in alleyways.
  • Greg Smith likes to read books. Stu Tate likes to make books.
  • Greg Smith takes pride in his hygiene. Stu Tate smells like a week's worth of blood sausage and Hai Karate.


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