George Foster, 1986 Topps

Name: George Foster
Team: New York Mets
Position: Outfield
Value of card: One night out with the Rat Pack
Key 1985 stat: 28,302 times called "The Candyman"
George Foster, aka Sammy Davis Jr., A to Z:
A - Ass that won't quit
B - Bulge that won't quit
C - Captivated audiences worldwide
D - Dean Martin kept confusing him with Mookie Wilson
E - Everyone loves a man in Ray-Bans
F - First-rate entertainer and outfielder
G - Glass eye didn't stop him from hitting 52 homers in 1977
H - Handlebar mustache had all the ladies swooning
I - "I'm a short, ugly, one-eyed, black Jew." — Sammy Davis Jr.
J - Joey Bishop envied Foster's on-base percentage almost as much as his stage presence
K - Keith Hernandez always asked him to sing "Mr. Bojangles"
L - Lit up cigarettes in left field, just because he was that smooth
M - Mookie Wilson kept confusing him with Dean Martin
N - New York's favorite crooning slugger
O - Once fought Frank Sinatra in a Shea Stadium parking lot
P - Power numbers not as impressive as his tap dancing
Q - Qualified in fantasy leagues at outfield and troubadour
R - Roasted by teammates, then went home and cried like a little girl
S - Swinger, in more ways than one
T - "Top Gun" sunglasses
U - Usually entertained teammates with a little soft-shoe during fielding practice
V - Vegas took him in when Cooperstown wouldn't
W - Wiry thin, except from the waist down
X - Xylophonist extraordinaire
Y - Youngest man to ever win a Grammy and Silver Slugger award in same year
Z - Zero: Number of times he removed his aviators

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