Dickie Thon, 1987 Topps

Name: Dickie Thon
Team: Houston Astros
Position: Shortstop
Value of card: One dickie
Key 1987 stat: Zero spring training road trips
The best-laid plans: Tired of having to fly all across Florida in March, Astros owner John McMullen made a rogue decision in 1987 — stay home for spring training. The move was a hit with fans, but not with the players. All-Star shortstop Dickie Thon could no longer impress random sunbathing Florida beauties by walking up to them and saying, "Hello, I'm Dickie." Mike Scott had to abandon his preseason tradition of wrestling alligators. But the biggest difference, of course, was the level of competition. Here we see Mr. Thon warming up before a scrimmage against the Dutton's Laundromatic PowerWashers at Moses Leroy Park in downtown Houston. Nolan Ryan struck out 24 and beaned four others in a resounding 50-2 win that day, but the success did not carry over to the regular season, as the woefully unprepared Astros finished 48 games under .500. To the despair of Florida's gators, the team returned the very next spring.


  1. I've had that card for 25 years and never noticed the bright yellow trash can before. Thanks!

  2. Dickie's wife was forced to endure daily dickathons. Dickie also liked wearing thongs, and tried to market them for a while. Unfortunately, Dickiethongs never caught on.