Baltimore Orioles, 1987 Topps Team Leaders

Names: Don Aase, Earl Weaver, Rick Dempsey
Team: Baltimore Orioles
Positions: Pitcher, manager, catcher
Value of card: Three splinters
Key 1986 stat: 200 comical trips to the mound
Let's see who's leading the Orioles after The Matchup:

Round 1: Highest belt (Winner: Weaver)
Round 2: Excess fabric in pants (Winner: Weaver)
Round 3: Waddling (Winner: Weaver)
Round 4: Tubbiness (Winner: Weaver)
Round 5: Mismatched sleeve length (Winner: Weaver)
Round 6: Stirrups about to fall down (Winner: Weaver)
Round 7: Orthopedic shoes (Winner: Weaver)
Round 8: Crotchetiness (Winner: Weaver)
Round 9: Laughs at expense of manger (Winner: Tie between entire team)

Score: Weaver 8, Rest of team 1

Summary: There is little in life that is funnier than a chubby old man wearing a 1980s baseball uniform.

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