Ryan Bowen, 1992 Upper Deck

Name: Ryan Bowen
Team: Houston Astros
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: One piggy-back ride
Key 1991 stat: 0.01 miles walked
Hitchhiker's guide to the infield: Superstitions are rampant among baseball players, perhaps none more so than the habit many pitchers have of avoiding stepping on the baselines on their way back to the dugout. Ryan Bowen took this to the next level. After recording the third out of each inning, Bowen would refuse to leave the pitcher's mound under his own power. Instead, he would gingerly step to the edge of the mound, where shortstop Casey Candaele or second baseman Craig Biggio would pick him up and carry him piggy-back style to the dugout. Many snickered at the routine, but Bowen and Biggio had the last laugh when they beat McGwire and Canseco to win the 1992 All Star Game Chicken Fight that July.


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  1. The intent look on his face suggests something more is going on here...