Nolan Reimold, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, 2010 Topps Orioles Checklist (2010 Week, No. 2)

Names: Nolan Reimold, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis
Team: Baltimore Orioles
Positions: Outfield
Value of card: Three yawns
Key 2009 stat: Zero times in proper fielding position
It's Matchup time:

Round 1: Proper use of the GoateeSaver (Winner: Markakis)
Round 2: Lack of interest in game (Winner: Tie)
Round 3: Room in crotch of pants (Winner: Markakis)
Round 4: Sharing name with known criminal (Winner: Jones)
Round 5: Tight sleeves (Winner: Markakis)
Round 6: Lack of knowledge about how to wear a glove (Winner: Jones)
Round 7: Baby-smooth skin (Winner: Reimold)
Round 8: Desire to get the hell out of Baltimore and play for a winning team (Winner: Tie)

Score: Markakis 3, Jones 2, Reimold 1

Synopsis: In the battle of who could care less, Nick "The Stick" Markakis walks away with the Apathy Cup — and the dopest nickname.


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