Miller Park, 2010 Topps (2010 Week, No. 3)

Name: Miller Park
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Stadium
Value of card: Four maxipads
Key 2009 stat: 12,942 giggles from pilots and blimp operators
Top 10 misconceptions about Miller Park:
10) Its design was not based on a photo in the July 1995 edition of Penthouse.
9) Men do enjoy being inside it, but only because of the beer and baseball.
8) There is not a little spot at the top that gets its roof to open wider.
7) It was not almost named Tampax Park.
6) Stop giggling!
5) The bushes outside the front gates do not, in fact, get trimmed regularly.
4) The odor emanating from Miller Park is nonexistent. The same cannot be said for most of Milwaukee.
3) Its nickname is not "The Big Vajayjay."
2) Just because it can hold 41,900 people at a time, that does not mean it gets around.
1) It does not close down temporarily every 28 days, otherwise known as "that time of the month."


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