Lincoln Kennedy, 1993 Fleer Ultra (Football Friday No. 34)

Name: Lincoln Kennedy
Team: Atlanta Falcons
Position: Tackle
Value of card: 25 cents for gumball-machine watch
Key 1992 stat: 2 feet grown, 220 pounds gained
A kid's game: At 11 years old, Lincoln Kennedy was 4 feet 5 and 100 pounds. He was a normal kid who liked playing on jungle gyms, eating hot dogs with cheese in the middle and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Then, he experienced the most epic growth spurt in recorded history. Within a few weeks, he grew to 6 feet 5 and weighed 320 pounds. He was awkward at first, tripping over his 14-pound feet and knocking over things with his salami-stick fingers. But he started to gain control of his body, building the confidence needed to enter under-14 sumo wrestling matches and apple sauce-eating contests. At a Fourth of July AppleFest in Atlanta, a Falcons scout passed by a stage and saw the massive 11-year-old chugging apple sauce by the gallon. In a moment, he knew: "Lil' Lincoln" had the size, stamina and swagger to play in the NFL, immediately. The scout talked to Lincoln behind the stage, and made a deal the child prodigy couldn't refuse: a three-year contract with the Falcons in exchange for a swimming pool full of apple sauce, a team hat too small for his massive head and a gumball-machine watch.


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