Jim Abbott, 1992 Upper Deck Be Cool Stay In School

Name: Jim Abbott
Teams: California Angels, University of Michigan Academic Decathlon C Team
Positions: Pitcher, Geography major
Value of card: VG+
Key 1991 stat: Three A's, two B's
A study in studying: Tack board? Check. 1989 Macintosh II? Check. Focused look? Check. Pin-up of hermaphrodite? Check. Jim Abbott was serious about studying, and he had all the tools to make him successful in the classroom and on the diamond.
Nothing fake about staying in school: Abbott had a lot on his plate when he pretended to go back to the University of Michigan for an ill-conceived insert series for Upper Deck's 1992 set. He had to simulate living in a fake dorm room. He had to attend imaginary classes held in imaginary classrooms. He had to eat nonexistent food at a cafeteria that never existed. He had to stare at a blank screen as if he were studying and pretend to type. Despite this schedule, Abbott found time to grow and maintain a pristine mullet, for real.
Fun fact No. 1: Abbott proved to be a good actor. He quickly picked up the college student habit of typing with one hand.
Fun fact No. 2: Paramedics had to revive Abbott after his mock turtleneck sweatshirt cut off the circulation to his brain.


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