2010 Topps History of the Game (2010 Week, No. 6)

Name: First Televised World Series Championship
Teams: New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers
Positions: All of them
Value of card: One ha'penny
Key 1947 stat: One black player in all of Major League Baseball
Looking sharp in 2010: Man, these 2010 Topps cards look great. The colors are vivid. Look at that green. It's like you're watching high-definition TV, part of it in retro black and white. Wow. Amazing. With this set, collectors not only get one of the most action-packed shots in sports card history, they get a glimpse of high fashion, modeled by a TV cameraman. What this card doesn't show you are some of the game's fastest rising stars, sure to dominate the game well into 2011 and beyond. There's Arky Vaughan, Cookie Lavagetto, Erv Palica and Kirby Higbe on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Who knew they moved from Los Angeles? On the Yankees, you have Spec Shea, Spud Chandler, Dick Starr and Mel Queen. Expect big things from these future stars in the 21st century. And expect Topps to keep pushing sports cards into the future.



  1. It's an error card! There were at least two black players in '47 - Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby. May have been even more by the end of the season.

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