Tokyo Team Shop, 1990 NFL Pro Set (Football Friday No. 33)

Name: What the hell?
Teams: Broncos and Seahawks, we think
Position: Awkward pose with a Japanese kid
Value of card: Zero yen
Key 1989 stat: One going-out-of-business sale
Great moments in WTF: The NFL tried to expand its market in 1989, opening up a team shop in Tokyo to absolutely no fanfare. Sure, the businessmen stopped to look at the "cheerleaders" (who also provided side "services" for 50 yen), but almost everyone was scared by the plushy mascots with no eyes wearing helmets. That Bronco looks like it's about to tell the kid that he's giving out free puppies and candy in his windowless van around the block. The team shop closed down two weeks later, and Japanese people never watched football again.
Bonus fun fact: That kid's shirt says "Dynamite Age."

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  1. Absolutely. Beautiful. I want to see BGS grade one of these suckers.