Sandy Alomar Jr., 1993 Score Select

Name: Sandy Alomar Jr.
Team: Cleveland Indians
Position: Catcher
Value of card: One case of gingivitis
Key 1992 stat: Removed mask zero times
Mr. Alomar goes to the orthodontist: Sandy Alomar's teeth were so bad, he used to be known as "The British Puerto Rican." They were misaligned, stained and riddled with plaque and cavities. The only action his toothbrush saw was when he used it to clean his cleats. This all changed in 1992, when the Indians, realizing Alomar was the budding face of the franchise, invested thousands of dollars in cleaning up the backstop's bicuspids. But when Alomar was told he would have to wear corrective headgear all season, he balked. The catcher's chompers seemed destined to be forever hideous — until teammate Jim Thome had an idea. An expert metallurgist, Thome fashioned the headset into a catcher's mask worthy of wearing in a game. Alomar agreed to the contraption, even though it meant wearing his mask at all times. In fact, the photo above was taken at Cleveland's famous Shakespeare-in-the-Park festival that June.


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