Rafael Ramirez, 1981 Fleer

Name: Rafael Ramirez
Team: Atlanta Braves
Positions: Shortstop, Hollywood hunk
Value of card: 14 pounds of handsome
Key 1980 stat: 700 women slept with
Ramirez. Rafael Ramirez: The worlds of baseball and cinema were set on their respective ears in 1980 when it was announced that Atlanta Braves shortstop and international playboy Rafael Ramirez would be the next James Bond. Sure, Ramirez had the looks, the fashion and the attitude to play 007, but he had never acted — aside from occasionally pretending to get hit by a pitch. The controversy grew when Ramirez refused to wear anything except his baby blue road uniform on screen. Director Lewis Gilbert put up with his new Bond's wardrobe choices and constant carousing with female staffers and co-stars, but when Ramirez openly questioned the virility of previous stars Roger Moore and Sean Connery in an interview with Sports Illustrated, production came to a screeching halt. Moore returned as Bond, and "The Spy Who Got to Third Base With Me" never saw the light of day.


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