Mark McGwire, 1990 Mother's Cookies insert

Name: Mark McGwire
Team: Oakland A's
Position: First base
Value of card: Cookies
Key 1989 stat: Take what's in the glove. McGwire commands it!
10 things we wish Mark McGwire were offering us:
10) An actual game-worn first baseman's mitt!
9) A place to rest our weary heads
8) A delicious Big Mac
7) Eternal glory
6) An all-expenses paid trip to scenic Oakland
5) The Cream, but not so much the Clear
4) A reprise from his piercing glare
3) The secret of how he squeezes into such tight-fitting pants. Ooh-la-la!
2) The location of the rest of his sleeves
1) A chance to win this infernal staring contest


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