Kenny Lofton, 1992 Pinnacle Sidelines (Basketball Week No. 5)

Name: Kenny Lofton
Team: The Camp Anawanna White Team
Position: Not above the rim
Value of card: Negative-seven sewed-on letters indicating team's name
Key 1992 stat: 112 layups rejected by the rim
Lofty expectations: In 1992, Kenny Lofton was one of the most feared base-stealers in the big leagues. He was making millions of dollars playing a sport, but it wasn't the sport he loved. His life was hardball, base hits and stirrups, but he craved roundball, fast breaks and short-shorts. He missed basketball, his favorite game as a youth, so he traded in his star status and million-dollar contract for a 15-day tryout with The Camp Anawanna White Team, a team of misfits in the NBA's D-League.
A short stint: Lofton had played basketball at the University of Arizona, but he had forgotten that at 5 feet 9 he had a distinct disadvantage in the game he loved. He missed layup after layup, bouncing the ball off the front of the rim. He would soar through the air, only to catch an elbow from a 7-footer rooted firmly on the ground. Finally, Lofton was cut from The Camp Anawanna White Team after a 116-point loss to the Chattanooga Chisels. He cried for hours in the locker room after the game, knowing he would have to leave behind a life of exposed thighs and fans' signs saluting his shorts.


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