Gary Payton, 1990-91 NBA Hoops (Basketball Week No. 3)

Name: Gary Payton
Team: Seattle SuperSonics
Position: Point guard
Value of card: 35 cents for five minutes of talk time
Key 1990 stat: 47 minutes on hold
Phone conversation between Gary Payton and his mother on draft day: "Hi, Mom. Yes. (smiling) Yes, mother, I'm wearing Dad's church suit. It itches. I know no one likes a whiner, but Mom, I'm calling to tell you that ... (smile fades) Of course I wore a tie. Why wouldn't I wear a tie? What do you mean I always was a fussy dresser? Mom! (turns away and whispers) I don't want to hear about me running around the house naked after a bath. I'm calling to tell you that I got drafted by ... No, Mother, I'm not calling from a payphone. I know we don't have that kind of money. Of course I watch what I spend. (raises voice) Why do you think I borrowed Dad's suit instead of buying one? (smiling again) But Mom, listen, I just got drafted to play in the NBA. No, Mother, basketball, not rifles. (anger creeps over face) I told you about this. Next year, I'll be making millions of dollars playing in Seattle. What? No Se-att-le. The city. Of course I'll be a good boy. Yes, I'll eat my vegetables. OK, Mom, I have to go. The team is on the other line. What do you mean that's just like me? Sorry. Sorry. Bye."



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