Cory Snyder, 1987 Topps

Name: Cory Snyder
Team: Cleveland Indians
Position: Outfield
Value of card: A pair of scissors
Key 1986 stat: One mullet bleached
And the "Can I Finish?" Award goes to: Cory Snyder was having a bad day. While driving to spring training in Tucson, Ariz., cars kept swerving in front of him. Once he arrived at camp, his teammates wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. That jerk Brett Butler kept stealing all his fly balls, and Joe Carter jumped ahead of him in line for BP. It only got worse when he saw his Topps rookie card, which looked like it bad been mangled by Freddy Krueger. "Great," he said. "What's next? Is some writer gonna put together an article on me where the end gets cut o

Card submitted by Greg Schindler

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  1. I have that 1987 Topps set - It is all sorts of ugly, between the player portraits and the fake wood backgrounds. It is as if a station wagon came alive.