Charlotte Hornets, 1991-92 NBA Hoops (Basketball Week No. 7)

Team: Charlotte Hornets
Value of card: 13,000 spacebucks (or 1.625 cents)
Key 1991 stat: 20 players, coaches and mascots in orbit
A space case: The geniuses behind the NBA Hoops basketball card division of the National Basketball Association outdid themselves with the 1991-92 set. They had traditional cards featuring all the league's players. They had checklists and coach cards. But that wasn't enough. They decided to add a subset of franchise cards, each featuring a team doing something related to the organization's name. Some made sense, others, as can been seen in the card above, did not. Sure, hornets, the winged insects, fly. But hornets, science has proved, could not survive in space. And though Saturn and basketballs could both loosely be qualified as gaseous, Saturn is primarily hydrogen, while a blown-up basketball contains mostly nitrogen and oxygen. Also, a man dressed as a turquoise stinging insect with a headband could not stand on top of a planet. And unlike Saturn, the Hornets have no rings.


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