Mike Jeffcoat, 1992 Upper Deck

Name: Mike Jeffcoat
Team: Texas Rangers
Positions: Pitcher, receiver
Value of card: Three gauze pads
Key 1991 stat: 28 broken knuckles
Falling from grace: Coming off a solid 1990 season, Mike Jeffcoat was firmly entrenched in the Rangers' starting rotation. That was, until he got into an argument with manager Bobby Valentine about the Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix movie "My Own Private Idaho." Jeffcoat's assertion that Reeves was talentless and Phoenix was a junkie who would be dead in five years didn't go over well with the skipper, and before Jeffcoat knew it, he was playing football catch with fireballer Nolan Ryan. Of course, the Ryan Express didn't just play catch; he fired the ball in as hard as he could, John Elway style. Soon, all of Jeffcoat's knuckles were fractured and his fingers were pointing in 10 different directions.
The moral of the story: "My Own Private Idaho" is overrated.

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