Doug Jones, 1991 Score

Name: Doug Jones
Team: Cleveland Indians
Position: Closer
Value of card: Six-pack of Bic lighters
Key 1990 stat: 74 third-degree burns
How about a little fire, scarecrow? Doug Jones was a fireballer, by which I mean he would actually light baseballs on fire before throwing them. He singed his mustache constantly and once turned his mullet into a smoldering, greasy mess. Catcher Sandy Alomar was terrified whenever the Tribe would head to the ninth with a slim lead. He would wrap his mitt in asbestos just to make sure it didn't catch aflame. Jones was fined a then-record $800,000 in June 1990 when he threw a flaming fastball at George "Jorge" Bell's head. The beanball missed, but got close enough to turn Bell's Jheri curl into a head torch. In other words, nobody liked Doug Jones.

Card submitted by Greg Schindler


  1. Doug Jones looks like he is looking for the meaning of life in that flame ... it's he's getting high from the burning rawhide.

  2. He's the pitching coach at San Diego Christian College now and it seems the tide has turned... everybody loves Doug Jones